Montag, Oktober 16, 2006

I dwell in love

The move is complete, we have made a sucessful merger! Just in time, too, as the fluffy white stuff is currently falling en masse from the light grey sky. I would *much* rather be at HOME today, doing some unpacking & settling in, but unforunately my time-off hours are in the minus, so here I am. Plotting furniture placement and watching the snowflakes drift by. My heart is light and my mind is at ease. As the Mama said as she departed yesterday, this is the happiest she has ever seen me. And so it is.

Today's (very appropriate) affirmation from CPL:

"I live in a loving universe, where God’s friendliness is on every hand. Divine love enfolds me and flows from me. I love the love of God in everyone I know. I am loved by the love of God in everyone I know. I dwell in love this day. "

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