Montag, Oktober 02, 2006

lumps and bumps

Is it possible that something as insignificant as a pair of tights that don't fit properly can completely drive you around the bend??? I guess it is when the wearer of said tights hasn't had any SUGAR in the past two weeks. And breathe. Seriously- I must have picked up maternity ones by accident, these don't have elephant knees, they have elephant tummy and I don't have the *bump* it would take to hold 'em up!

Yes, this is a post about pantyhose. And ice cream. I had some serious cravings for it (or gelato) over the weekend, it almost got out of control. I even dreamt about it last night- I got a cone with 5 that's FIVE scoops! Now THAT would probably drive me around the bend. The end.

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