Freitag, Oktober 27, 2006

seven days two dogs one cat and one bird

Heading into what is going to be one of my last weekends looking after other peoples houses. It's time to look after my own! The house sitting thing worked well with my old, single lifestyle. I loved having a whole place to myself (especially the above ground part), perusing the bookshelves and cd racks to my hearts content. Walking the doggies and cuddling the kitties, the extra income helping me with the ever rising cost of living in this fair city.

It's a good transition time into cohabitating with my love. There was only that one moment of hesitation (dare I say fear?) that crept in about mid month last month. Since then, I have been embracing this new step, and have now moved into impatience for my duties to finally end. I want to unpack ALL my clothes into my first ever walk-in closet. Arrange the kitchen gadgets (and boy, did he ever some with some *fancy* ones!) into the many many cupboards. Set up my study/meditation room, exatly the way I want it. One more week and our new journey will begin, for real.

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