Montag, November 27, 2006

diary of projects currently underway at my house*

(Or, how the house got clean and festive in twelve easy staps)

-how to attach mini christmas tree with fishing wire (yet to be located/purchased) to anchor it so that the cats don't knock it over
update: I used gold ribbon, it looks so festive!

- contemplating whether to put empty boxes in garage (to be picked up SOON) rather than in the basement
update: put em in the basement, who am I kidding with this 'soon' stuff?

- enjoying the whirring of the dishwasher as the new jumbo wine glasses, dozen water goblets and 12 each of the utulitarian dinner plates and soup bowls get all clean 'n sparkly for our feast
I heart IKEA. So much.

- transfering Mary's b-day card from the passenger seat of the car (where it sat patiently all day yesterday during my travels, awaiting a send off that never happened) to the front entrance, *two* houses away from the mailbox.
update: um, I think it's still there. Thank goodness for MSN, I got to wish her a happy b-day in 'real' time :)

- more enjoyment from the sipping of my fav warm beverage of the season (which sure could use some bailey's, hmmm)

- contemplating a quick jaunt two blocks to frequent the local liquor dispensers (which would take me right past the mail box...)
update: opted to stay home (and sober) (and warm) and get projects done

- move to a little Craig David & Jamiroquai to stretch out the stiffness in the muscles from upper body day at the gym

But I'm travelling, not moving as I get lost in my thoughts discovering and beginning new projects all over the whole house. Besides the moving boxes, new glass and flatware, and Christmas decoratin' happenin', there's also a multitude of cleaning/putting away and it's all blending nicely with the different thoughts that are floating through this warm-fuzzy-filled mind. Each room brings another... we have the great swap-out-the-tupperware-bits-that-have-no-matches (update: now known as the 'stand back and throw' cupboard) in the kitchen... then boom! Breakfast time hits.

I do get distracted easily, don't I? The multi-box of Unicef holiday cards lie on the counter, awaiting well wishes to be written and deliveries to be made (with my track record of getting mail *into* the mailbox, this may take until spring).
Something leads me to cleaning out under the bathroom sink, which logically leads to cleaning under the kitchen sink, which somehow leads to the wrapping of my nephews 2 month late birthday present (are we noticing a pattern here?) , which leads to even *more* decorating! See, I found a great solution for disguising the fugly brown glass 80's light fixtures throughout the place by hanging silver snowflakes and balls from them.

Then I decided I needed to get back to the cleaning... bathrooms (all three) and then finally putting away the pile of clothes on the bed, so I could make it! Whew!

All in all, a two and a half day project, but it was worth it in the end. The end.

*just in case you were wondering what I was doing with my 4 days off

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