Mittwoch, November 08, 2006

The scent of dreams coming true

"Today I rest in the peaceful stillness of God within me. I allow myself to be carried in the river of life, knowing without words that all is well with my soul."

-Daily meditation from the lovely people here

I love the shifts that are happening in my life this month. Finally getting settled in in an actual HOME, filling the fridge and cupboards with good, nutritious food, having a space all to myself for meditation and reflection. I find that as I sort through and unpack the many boxes that have followed me around since teenagehood, I am rediscovering all of my hopes, dreams and passions. Now I feel I am in the right time and space to concentrate on expanding my knowledge in these areas (mostly natural cooking and healing arts).

Tonight, I'm going to a seminar put on by these fine folks . Smell ya later :)

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