Montag, November 20, 2006

me 'n Shiva

You know, for the amount that I actually do post, I spend a whole lotta time *thinking* about posting. It seems subject matter doesn't stick around long enough to be formulated into written paragraphs... It is floaty, fleeting, fast and then it's gone.

A few of the thoughts currently bubbling through my consciousness have to do with the holidays, how quickly they are approaching, how nice it will be to have my whole family as well as my love's parents over for dinner on Sunday. How the house will look after *finally* having a couple of solid days in a row to put it all together. How my sister's three boys will get along with the three cats (but since they have kitties at home as well this is not too much of a concern).

The clearing of the garage uncovered three MORE boxes for my study/meditiation room, just when I thought I had it all under control! However, as I explained to my bewildered Sweetie as the contents of the front and back closets lay all askew throughout the living room and den, chaos is normal and expected when combining households. Like Shiva, it must be destroyed in order to be rebuilt.

Maybe once the house is settled there will be more continuity here... In the meantime, fleeting and floaty it is.

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