Freitag, Dezember 01, 2006

Deck those halls

Have I mentioned how much I love firsts of the month? And Fridays? And Baileys in my Gingerbread Latte? Mmmm it's mixing nicely with my cold medication (teehee) as I try and fight off this cold once and for all to be in good shape for the upcoming partees. First up: my company's tomorrow evening, and we get to stay over in the fancy schmancy hotel across the street. Add staying in fancy schmancy hotels to my favorite lists.

Double that next weekend, when my love's company parties it up in an even fancier (schmancier, if that's a word) hotel in the mountains. Who knows, I may even get some skiing and ice skating in over the two days we're out there. Yes, I'm certainly thick into the holiday spirit this year... I have made my list but have yet to check it twice. There are 23 days left, bring on the baking shopping wrapping christmas card writing cheer!

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