Freitag, Dezember 08, 2006

Sassy Girl & her Love
Over the Moon, N.W.
Cowtown, AB

This is what my address labels look like (well, sorta, you get the general idea) for the Christmas cards I am going to send out next week.

I was reflecting on where I am right now in life and I realized that I can finally call myself a traveller on that 'path' I have been referring to all this time. Whenever I was asked about how things were going in the past, this would be my generic response. "I feel I'm headed in the right direction to be on the path I want to be".

Well, gentle readers, the time has arrived. We ARE the ones we have been waiting for. For the most part, I'm living in the moment with a grateful heart, regular meditation and excersise have replaced some of my bad habits, I am blissfully creating a home with my equal and loving partner. And so it is.

p.s. TWO hours and I get to leave for the weekend mountain party... Bringing my skis and skates but have the feeling the only 'sport' will be drinking. This will be the first time staying at the fancy schmancy hotel since my ~ahem~ honeymoon 12 years ago. Wow. Weird?

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