Mittwoch, Februar 16, 2005


Current clothes: OMG- they are ALL hand-me-downs from my little sister. At least my undies are my own! Long jean skirt, Black T with an elastic rainbow trim, black wool zip up sweater (wait- that came from the lost and found at Cilantro’s)

Current mood: I have gone from Chocoholic to Naughty recently… I think it has something to do with the chemicals (or lack thereof?)

Current music: Can’t stop listening to that Garden State soundtrack

Current annoyance: Schizophrenic thermostat in our fishbowl of an office space we call home

Current thing: reading a book that promises enlightenment in 40 days… I’ll let you know March 25th if it worked ;) Hey, that’s Good Friday AND a full moon. Weird.

Current desktop picture: Yogaesque

Current song in head: Talisman by Air, from the Go soundtrack… From reading DJW’s blog

Current book: Life of Pi, a gift from DJW

Current video in player: The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls In Love Go, Girl Love!

Current DVD in player: I’m using it as my CD player…

Current refreshment: H20 Baby, 8 glasses a day

Current worry: Am I ever going to sell the Saturn?

Current thought: Pretty darn blank today

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SG hat gesagt…

The song in my head has switched to "When you wish upon a star"