Freitag, Februar 18, 2005


Wheeee! I’m on top of the world. They should bottle this stuff and sell it. Not sure if it’s the new ‘do, the red hot valentine’s date last night, or the fact that it’s Friday but I feel great today.

Even though I have to work tomorrow (it’s only 10-3, and I have the place to myself), life is good. This feeling has eluded me for quite some time now; it’s so nice to finally bask in its gloriousness once again.

The choice of colour wasn’t really a choice, he has been wanting to turn me red for quite some time now. It was just a matter of sitting down and saying ‘do what you want’ and boom! I’m a cross between Lucille Ball and Run Lola Run! Bye bye Blondie.
Hello first day of the rest of my life.


raspberry sundae hat gesagt…

i LOVE being a redhead... it just never lasts long enough...

missfee hat gesagt…

hey big red :-) am lokoing forwrd to details on yoru hot valentine date! even it is almost a week late!