Donnerstag, Februar 10, 2005

Queer eye for THIS straight girl

Every girl needs a gay man in her life.

I have C, and I love him to bits. What other person can you have to do your hair and make up, give you fashion advice, go shopping with and not have a jealous boyfriend when he sleeps in your bed?

C & I met last year while I was working at a hotel helping a friend out who had just taken over the catering/event planning there. I lost track of him for a few months, but he resurfaced just in time to accompany me & the girls to ladies night at the cowboy bar. I had won a limo package for me and 7 friends, and the limo driver begrudgingly let C come along, although it wasn’t ‘officially’ allowed. I also had to get permission from the manager at the bar so he could sit with us in the curtained off section where the ‘action’ was going on. Free apps and drinks amidst sex toys and massage lotions for sale- he fit right in!

Currently he is in the process of moving to town and is camping out on my living room floor. My country mouse has found hisself a job in the big city, and endeavors to take over my lease in the basement when I move onwards and upwards at the end of the month. I’d have put him in the spare room, but at the moment all of my paperwork and combined contents of 3 or 4 junk drawers are inhabiting the space. Waiting for the right combination of free time and inspiration for me to sort through and organize. Baby steps!

His company has been very welcome this week, and it’s certainly nice to have someone cook, do the dishes, and deliver oreos to me on the couch. His usefulness knows no bounds- the boy actually found 5 channels on my tv the other day (I never turn the darned thing on) when he was home alone and bored. Can you imagine the squeal of delight he let forth upon discovering that ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy’ was on? It was sweet. And so is he. The End.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Thanks baby,, you made my year,, thank you ,, sooo much I love you


SG hat gesagt…

I love you too honey. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you! xxxooo