Dienstag, Februar 08, 2005

Moving up in the World

There’s really no other place to go when you live in a basement suite is there?

Over 8 months I have been held captive down here, since the lease-and-heart-breaker known as my ex b-friend and I split.

So conveniently located within walking distance of the institution of higher learning His Flakiness had ‘planned’ on attending.

Our house, in the middle of our street, is quite charming. Out of the 50’s it must be, quite the square box of a thing. The lovingly renovated downstairs has not served too terribly badly as my humble abode these past months.

It’s more the unfortunate forced company I was made to keep (had to get a roommate to help with rent), and the general lack of light that hindered me from fully enjoying my time here.

Outright avoidance is what it actually turned into in the last weeks and days of A & I’s shared living experience. I once drove down the alley, saw his car parked out back and kept driving to the local Starbucks to enjoy my tea and book in peace. My peace loving Veggie sensibilities were constantly offended by his cooking and consuming large amounts of red meat and enjoyment of violent movies.

It was a clash in lifestyles and a somewhat cramped space that didn’t quite accommodate our collective possessions. Most of his were stored in the tiny garage, already populated by the landlord’s perfectly restored orange ’74 Volkswagen Beatle.

After being late paying his share of the rent 4 out of the 5 months he lived there, my angelic (albeit stupiodic – new word) patience had finally run out. I’m usually a “you get 2 chances and that’s it!” kinda girl, and it was time for self preservation mode to kick in. Sorely overdue. But how can you kick a poor dude who just graduated and was struggling to start his own business out- especially around Christmas time?? Especially one who came out to watch my soccer game and didn’t complain when we roped him into being linesman?

Sod it! The bugger had to get out! (Why is it so much fun sometimes just to go British?)
Anyhoo, long story short, A left, the upstairs is becoming vacant next week; I have had it living underground and have decided to seize this opportunity by the horns.

$100 more a month (assuming I have a solid new roomie in place in 3 weeks) for more light, more space, hardwood throughout AND a dishwasher? Not to mention all of the cute/quirky details- original ceilings, door archways and mantle. How cool is that?

So I have solidified myself a flat mate (sorry, had to!) and on the 1st day of the next blessed month I will officially be an above ground dweller! Along with one of my brothers-from-another-mother, R. No fooling, I bonded with this guy immediately and magically upon meeting him. Don’t know why I should be at all surprised, as I met him through his current roomie, my Kitty Kat (and soul mate from another life). Bottom Line: Gotta keep the family together!

Can’t wait till my “I don’t live in the bloody basement anymore Party!”
Cheers to that!

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