Dienstag, Februar 22, 2005

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I wonder what my horoscope said yesterday?

I’ll bet it was good. I had a couple of pleasant surprises happen. Three, to be precise.

“Something of great value will be returned to you”

The SATC tape, Season one, Volume one. It has been an ongoing saga for three weeks now, since A’s departure and accidental abduction of Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha and Carrie. The threats from the video store were reaching the boiling point. I was afraid we were going to hit code red: where they come and knock your door down. I was not only going to have to pay the overdue fines, but also replace the whole first season as it was rendered ‘useless’ without that very first tape. A costly misplacement of rental goods, to be sure.

But now, it would seem, things are falling nicely back in to their respective places, much like the stars. Which brings me to my second pleasant surprise:

“You will enjoy an array of culinary delights to go along with the splendid and captivating company you keep this evening”

Not only is he an incredible cook (and grandfather, from what I observed) but the man who is my love’s father taught me a whole lot about him last night.
There are many undeniable similarities between the two, yet each is distinctively different in his own way.

There was the sweet awkward bumbling politeness reminiscent of my & D’s first date. A kind, gentle, generous loving soul, prepared us an amazing feast, all the while looking after his two rambunctious granddaughters. I was treated like a princess. Which is exactly how his son does it as well. So well.


“An irresistible work related opportunity presents itself; you come highly recommended”

I got an unexpected phone call from my schuh-pladdlin’ pal and gastronomy expert Helmut. He offered me a part time (every 2nd weekend) position for the front of house at the same place I helped out at for the Oktoberfest madness. He has taken over the helm and would like to gather “ein paar gute leute” to help out.

It was such a high energy, positive exchange we had- and going to hang out with gute leute (good people), doing something I swear is in my blood and can’t ever get rid of (oh yeah, and the cutting in half of my grocery bills with all the leftovers I’ll get to take home) is a no brainer. Not to mention the getting to speak German all night, wear my dirndl (I’m SUCH a girly girl) AND earn some extra dough. Sign me up!

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