Freitag, Februar 03, 2006

Journal Notes

Here is a little somethin’ I wrote about halfway through the week (in one of my few lucid moments), in my little notebook from Poet’s Cove:

There’s something about starting a book backwards. And there is something about starting a new book – period. A fresh slate, a brand new story. That was the message last Sunday as well- how do you tell your story? I have been choosing to tell it through new eyes and ears lately, it seems.

So many good things have happened since the beginning of this year. And we’re only a month in! Lying on a beach chair next to a pool in the Caribbean would pretty much top that list. It’s been a couple of hedonistic da(ze) here so far. I feel so very good- relaxed, healthy, vibrant, alive! Been doing some balcony yoga the past two mornings. What a beautiful way to start the day. That and having a xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxxx xxxxx (edited by editor). Mmm yeah. So I’m doing pretty darn good, thankyouverymuch, :)

**anyone wanna guess what the xxs stand for? there's an amaretto dipped cigar in it for ya **

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brea hat gesagt…

I can just imagine what those x's are for! Let the naughty vacay stories BEGIN!