Dienstag, Februar 28, 2006

Love month concluded

What a rush it has been. I'm not ready to let go of love month just yet. A mere 13 minutes and it'll all be over till next year.

February was a hard month for me for awhile. The non-celebrating of both Valentine's and my wedding anniversary both fall within these 28 days (thanks to BahHumbug Turkey boy). This year I got a massage on what would have been my ~shudder~ 12th year of weddedness. My oh my, it's all about choices, isn't it?

I made the choice to embrace love and everything to do with it, on V day a couple of years ago while I was living at Emerald Lake. I invited my friends and coworkers to drop by for a lovin' potluck feast, and dragged two long tables into my tiny living room in the residence. The tablecloth was a roll of silver wrapping paper with big calligraphied 'LOVE's across it. And that's what sat down, 12 or 14 beings full of light, bringing their dishes and stories to share.

I don't necessarily believe that it has to be a certain month in order to celebrate Love. It's in our hearts every day, bubbling up and overflowing all around. May we all have alottalove all year round!

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