Montag, Februar 20, 2006

LOVE declaration

Time for a post so that pic of my bosom will be pushed down the page…

I’ve just been to busy out there Loving to write very much these days… Yes, Loving with a capital L. It is the foundation of my being; it is in every breath, gesture, look and touch. It is the energy that moves me, that inspires me to create.

It is what I choose to believe in, wholeheartedly. I know that if more people felt this way that there would be less strife in the world. Less sickness, less poverty, less conflict and less fear.

Let's Love one another, starting NOW


brea hat gesagt…

I take it Internet dating is going good for you! ;)

SG hat gesagt…

That's very funny, young lady!

Um, yes, you could say that ;)

But I was speaking of love on a more universal plain.