Montag, Juni 05, 2006

Baklava and Birthday report

Happiness is…

Finding the piece of Baklava in my pocket that Sam at the Shawarma place gave me today at lunch ~gratis~ with my falafel for being a first time customer. Mmm pistachio. One nut that doesn’t make my gums itch (unlike walnut, hazelnut or pecans). It was an absolutely delicious meal, and it cost almost exactly what I had just earned by walking Buddy, my sometime lunch hour charge. Gotta love the universal flow of the cash.

I also love the flow of wonderful friends who blessed me with their presence on Saturday night, and the positive and light energy which was created as they all blended together, old and new, and sang me happy birthday as I blew out the candles. There were goddesses everywhere, flowers, wine, lox from Dad, bubbles bubbles and more bubbles… The only thing missing were the bagpipes (next year we have to remember to give them more than an hours notice). I now feel totally prepared for Tirty-two. Bring it on!

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