Freitag, Juni 09, 2006

fun with the alphabet

Accent: Since most of my customers are American, I do get called on my Canadian accent when I use words like ‘about’. One of the best compliments for me is when people tell me I have no accent when speaking German.

Booze: Yes, please! I had to acquire a taste for both beer and wine, but my love for Vodka (tall, with soda, cran and a lime wedge) came to me naturally.

Chore I Hate: Hate is a very strong word now, isn’t it? I dislike vacuuming. I hope to have mostly hardwood floors if I ever have a house, as I much prefer cleaning those (in fact, I have a rather abnormal fondness for it, just ask my sis)

Dogs/Cats: both. I recently ‘got over’ a cat allergy, actually. I was getting more and more house sits with felines, so I had no choice. Antihistamines make me loopy. Mind over matter!

Essential electronics: Besides the brand spankin’ new PDA I received as a b-day gift? (I know I’m spoiled). I think once my music is uploaded onto it, I’ll be all set!

Favorite perfume/cologne: After sampling several thousand different ones every time I go through a drug store, I finally broke down and purchased a set of mini Alfred Sung ones: Shi (blue & purple), Jewel and Sung.

Gold/Silver: Definitely Silver. Or platinum. Or white gold. As long as there is a honkin’ diamond attached. Just kidding.

Hometown: I would consider t to be Calgary… Spent age 5-18 here, and 27-now (excluding a little shy of a blissful year spent in the Yoho Valley)

Insomnia: not very frequently

Job Title: which one? I like ‘housesitter extrordinaire’ , but I’m also an account executive and a catering server/bartender

Kids: someday… tick tick tick (hey, can you hear that?)

Living Arrangements: this is an interesting one! I’ve had 9 different sits this year so far. I’m like a turtle/gypsy, transporting most of my stuff from place to place in my car, Jules. Officially, I rent my sister’s basement suite, but am rarely to never there.

Most Admired Trait: people comment that I am genuine and kind hearted.

Overnight Hospital Stays: nope

Phobias: deep water that I can’t see the bottom of. Boats.

Quote: “Be the change you wish to see in the World” -Gandhi

Religion: I go to the Center for Positive Living

Siblings: 2 brothers, 2 sistas. Brothers are both in Ontario, my sisters are here.

Time I usually wake up: lately just before 7.

Unusual talent: tying cherry stems in knots with my teeth and many more

Vegetable I refuse to eat: can’t think of any!

Worst habit: procrastination. It took me 4 days to write this!

X-rays: for my teeth a couple of times. Try to avoid ‘em.

Yummy foods I make: I make a mean guacamole!

Zodiac Sign: Twins. And I’m Wood Tiger

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