Dienstag, Juni 20, 2006

set·tle (verb): to make or become resident

“Does it bother you to have to pack up your stuff and move around all the time?” asked the mango giver, as she helped me lug my belongings from Jules into the new sit yesterday.

“No, not really” I replied, “it’s only every couple of weeks, and I get to settle in to this one for a whole month”.

Settling in usually takes me about two hours, or one and a half in a pinch. I’m not a light traveler, by any stretch of the imagination. As I gathered my piles of possessions together the day before, they took up the complete surface of the three seater couch. At least two big bags of clothes, 9 pair of shoes (shush), kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, some books and odds and ends. I really don’t consider myself to be a materialistic person. The only two things I was yearning for last night after unpacking were my inflatable bath pillow and Bob (my beloved lime green electric kettle from Amsterdam).

I put my tea, vitamins, pb and rice cakes in the cupboard, the soy milk and yoghurt in the fridge, my 10 items (and a couple few more) in the bathroom, my shoes by the door and the rest in my ‘new’ room. I’ve brought my own bedding (to make it a no-feather zone) and after my bath I happily snuggle into the soft flannel sheets. I’m officially settled. For the next 27 days.

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