Dienstag, Juni 13, 2006


It has taken me till halfway through this morning (and that extra 45 minutes of sleep) to fully recover from the weekend workin' the vip lounge alongside the jumping ring. I had forgotten how hard it is on the feet to sling drinks all day. Yesterday was kind of a blur, but I did manage to get my (somewhat cheesy, I'll admit) photoshop assignment done by quarter past twelve. That's my mom, and her parents, magically hanging out on the beach I visited in the Dominican in January:

Tonight is my first free evening in I can't even remember how long, and I'm looking forward to sifting through the stack of newspapers that have accumulated over the past week and a half and generally taking it very easy. I mostly only read the entertainment, travel and lifestyle sections, although I have been glancing through the careers lately as well.

Reading though a few of my entries here from a year ago, I realized just how far I have come and have paused to give myself some credit. I have put a lot of positive changes into place, and I feel like my life is flowing with much more joy, ease and grace these days. That dragon called depression has sulked back to his cave, and I don't predict his return anytime soon. In fact, I've cemented in the boulder blocking the entrance, so just let him try!


brea hat gesagt…

I love the picture, good job.

JuicyFruitKisses hat gesagt…

I love your "Hot Chiks" code. More females should live that way!

Where in Canada are you? I'm in Barrie, Ontario.

SG hat gesagt…

I'm in Calgary.

You definitely look like a Goddess to me! If you ever get out this way, you should join one of our get togethers. We're taking pole dancing lessons at the next one!

Brea: Thanks! :)

Omni hat gesagt…

You go girl!! xo