Dienstag, Februar 13, 2007

Everything/Alles was ist

Alternate title:

A Princess needs a Throne (but not a Tiara)
Like a Dog needs a Bone
~I need your love~

***A Valentine's Tribute to the Force that Moves Me***

Love is never fearful or scared
The quickening hearbeat exclusively due to the sweet anticipation of
a kiss
a glance
oh! an embrace

Love IS
It breathes
It flows
It is sheer joy
Pure Soul.

It's baking sheets
and coloured jars

It's shiny beautiful matching rides

It's high
It's low

It's that soft place to land
It always follows through

It's folding
It's teasing
It's both being a player
and being played

It's strong and it's tough
Made of indestructable stuff

It's Right and It's Hot
it softens the jaw

It's Bubbles and Waves
The Cycle of the Moon
Stars of course Stars

It's Freedom and Safety
rolled into One
Comfort, Wisdom and Grace


It's giving and giving and giving some more
Whilst your cup overflows with continuous joy

In the wee small hours
I know that It's there

When Fingers get chopped
And the Well it runs dry
When the bumps and lumps of life's journey
Leave you downtrodden,
thirsty, disheveled or bruised

Love wraps you up and guides you through

Yes, Love is the Force that moves me
Share! Shine! Glow!

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