Dienstag, Februar 13, 2007

And I realize it's for her

Love is all around me.

There are two framed black and white pictures positioned on either side of my desk, one of each set of Grandparents. Oma Elisabeth and Opa A perched on the front bumper of a shiny VW Bettle, she with humid bangs curling up on her forehead, smiling shyly as he grins adoringly, and leans closer on my right.

George and Peggy B on the left, sitting back on the rocks. She leaning back onto him with her Rockette legs crossed daintily and the *perfect* pair of shoes on.

I realize fully that with her, I've lost the last remaining Grandparent.

So I bring the recently recovered, recently donated (by my love's gracious Ma & Pa) antique chair into my lair, and the poem begins...

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