Sonntag, Februar 04, 2007

Watch out, here she comes!

I flip over the 'bad cat' calendar that we have pinned up next to the computer (oh, how I *love* doing that!) and find a picture of a kitty with huge heart shaped sunglasses and a pink Feather boa on with the caption

"I used to be a bit of an introvert, but I got over it"

and I smile to myself, as this is so appropriate for this moment.

I've just come home from a workshop and a quick visit with the fam to collect my little plant slips that have been living on my sister's window sill since I moved out in October. Wow, it's been five months already, how it does fly by when life is so blissful.

The workshop was put on by Aman, the man behind the yes, you can change the world website and book, and my mind is busy processing the information I learned and thinking of how I will apply it to my daily life.

I embarked on this spiritual quest quite early on, dabbling in all kinds of positive thinking books, groups and activities. Meditation has become more and more of a regular part of my routine, especialy now that I have my very own space to practice.

The different cleanses I have done are also a part of the journey, a 'purification' of sorts of body as well as mind. It is all connected (as is the state of my room) to how balanced and at peace I feel with the world and my surroundings.

One of the messages of today that has stuck with me is the idea of being "authentically optimistic" as opposed to simply thinking positively. Being absolutely authentic, true to yourself, embracing your weaknesses while your strengths naturally grow and shine. This insight struck a chord in me and has led to some rather deep soul searching since leaving the centre this afternoon.

I seem to do the best enlightened navel gazing whilst lounging in my comfy clothes (in this case a sports bra, my fuzzy v-neck sweater, fleece pj pants and my brand new faux-lambswool flip flops), drinking gin & juice, munching on jelly bellies and listening to internet radio. Giving myself permission to just BE, and just be ME.

The fish awaits a-fryin', the pictures await a-framin', my love will await his back scratchin' but not now. Now is time be alone and peaceful with my thoughts, my dreams and my own bad *newly discovered* extroverted self.

Bring it OUT!

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