Mittwoch, März 14, 2007

from en route yesterday...

I’m partway through the first leg of my first business trip ever, the connecting flight has been delayed by about 45 minutes and this double vodka soda with a splash of cranberry is going down a little *too* easy. I was up, as I expected to be, till a little after midnight last night as I made my last minute piles here and there. Carry-on stuff on the kitchen table (with frequent ‘helpful’ reminders from my Love ‘Got your passport? Your ticket??’), clothes etc piled up on the creamy couch in my meditation room.

Which hasn’t exactly been used for its intended purpose in awhile now, has it? Well, besides the 5 or 10 minutes Saturday morning, before I set out on my hair colour changing new wardrobe buying day. Yes, the mane is now somewhere between a deep red and ‘toffee’ brown, taking a little detour on its way back to my natural dirty blonde.

I was definitely in my giddy-excitedness phase last night, as I giggled my way around the house preparing for the week ahead. I have not gotten all that far in my preparedness, to be truthful, although I did manage to read through all 10 of the short descriptions of the different neighbourhoods of the City and have mentally short-listed the attractions I most want to see. There is some extra sight-seeing time to be had, and I intend to squeeze every drop of it out.

As for the actual shows, that will have to be left up to whatever catches my eye at the half price ticket place. I’m pretty open to whatever is playing- just the act of getting to go and see a show has my adrenalin pumping.

Am I prepared for the bustling busy-ness, the noise, the crowds, the EVERYTHING? The answer? Absolutely.

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