Freitag, März 09, 2007

THIS is Friday?

I'm afraid to check my blood pressure cause I'm SURE it's off the charts.

It started with the chattering of the old biddies in the ladies only section of the gym. I don't know WHY exactly (I'm usually quite a tolerant person) but their endless nattering completely got on my nerves at 7 am. Then, the kitties, who got a tiny taste of the great outdoors yesterday when the door blew open while the Mama and I were on our daily jaunt around the block HAVE NOT STOPPED meowing since. My network connection with work is not happening, I already added bailey's to my coffee and that didn't help either.


It's later now, much later and I have somewhat regained my composure. Not without words being said in a *tone* that I wish I could take back. What was that about nerve cells being the only ones in the body that don't regenerate? What IS it about being around our parents (and PMSing in the WORST way) that regresses our behaviour by 15 years???

Fish. The answer is fish. Preferably raw.

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