Sonntag, März 11, 2007

calm after the storm

... has been reached. Laundry sorted, house clean, walk taken, chili cooked and eaten. The Mama's back at her abode, settling in and setting up visits with friends. It's a good sign. I'm feeling quite settled myself, all systems go once I print my ticket, pack my bag and call the cab for the airport. I LOVE trips, just love them. Being away from my love until Sunday night (the day which marks 11 months of our blissed-out togetherness) will be challenging. But I am fully confident that the sweet reunion at the end will be well worth the time apart.

I've been waiting three whole years for this chance. To be a professional and go show them what I'm made of. I have the feeling I'm gonna absolutely dazzle them. And then some. Cause that, my friends, is how I roll. Hee. NY here I come!!!

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