Freitag, März 04, 2005

Chocolate IS the cure

I have been feeling completely wiped out lately- since the beginning of the week. I don’t know whether it was the move, the two six day weeks back to back, the two soccer games a couple of days apart, the beautiful weather outside and me tied to this desk…
It has been incredibly hard to get out of bed all week. I lie there, listening to the stupid radio, thinking, “I could be up doing yoga, or something useful”, but no, I continue to lie there until the very last possible minute and then rush rush rush to get to work. I have a headache. I’m too hot. I’m too cold. What is wrong with me?

Malaise, I think is the word that best describes it. Yes, that’s perfect, in fact.
<1. medicine a general feeling of illness or sickness without any specific diagnostic significance 2. a general feeling of worry, discontent, or dissatisfaction, often resulting in lethargy>

On the other hand, there is a gelato shop opening up down the street from here, and they’re giving it away for free all day…

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