Montag, März 21, 2005

Interview Questions from Mel (#1)

1) Describe yourself when you were fourteen.

It was 1988, the Olympics came to town. I was in Grade 8. We hosted a family from California, who gave us tickets for the Downhill events at Nakiska. I had my very first celebrity sighting at the airport, Jason Bateman. I became vegetarian that year, after reading a book about fasting of my moms that referred to meat as ‘flesh’ and that grossed me out. We had moved from the south to the north end of the city, and so I had to switch schools. I liked my new school much better, the kids were much friendlier (not rich snobs) and I made some friendships that I still have today. I remember being at a birthday party with about 10 girls, and I very spur of the moment decided I had the ability to read cards (normal playing cards). I started to read them for one of the girls, who I barely knew, and all of the sudden she reached out and slapped me! Turns out what I was saying was all ringing true for her. I don’t read cards very often anymore; although I’m sure I still could if I wanted.

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CatsFive hat gesagt…

Ha. When I was 14 I was such an uber-geek, it's not even funny. I was in grade 8 at a Christian school and had such a bad reputation with the teachers that my desk-- since about 5th grade-- was always RIGHT next to the teacher's. I rode my bike most of the time and played outside a hell of a lot. My favourite thing was to ride around the trails at Edworthy Park. I was on my third computer back then.