Donnerstag, März 17, 2005

My Urban Family, part 1

I feel like a brand new adoptive parent- waiting, no longing, yearning for my family existence to begin. Soon enough…

My ‘urban’ family, that is. Much has been written about this phenomenon of our new age. Clusters of close knit friends who come together and form a family unit.
Well, it looks as though my family is coming together nicely, most probably by the end of this week. All together under one roof.

I am happy to be the first one, nesting and preparing for all of their various arrivals.
Let me provide you, dear reader, with a quick recap of events thus far:

June SG signs lease with now ex bf, having broken up on moving day
July Attempted roommate situation with the little sister I never wanted
Aug Gleeful alone living time
Sept Attempt #2 at having a roomie, found A, who was a nice enough guy, but was
a) late with rent 4 out of the 5 months he lived here
b) had a penchant for cooking copious amounts of red meat and watching violent movies

This peace-loving-semi-veghead-non-tv-watching gal had problems with this.

Feb Lose A
March Move to upstairs suite

To be continued…
The inhabitants of ‘Big Sister’ get introduced.


Mel hat gesagt…

Here are your interview questions (I couldn't find an email address for you). Let me know when you answer and I'll link you.)

1) Describe yourself when you were fourteen.
2) What is your earliest memory?
3) If you could have any career right now (talent, money, education galore), what would you be?
4) Beach or mountains? Or somewhere between?
5) What's the last book you read?


Anonym hat gesagt…

Your blog, yes, that seriously is sooooo ME as well baby...FINALLY until NOW, thank you ,, for your friendship,, I love you tonnes!