Mittwoch, März 09, 2005

File under: Things I have never done before

I did it!
I got up and sang in front of a whole bar full of people!
And boy oh boy was it fun.
I was really not intending to take part in the Karaoke happening at the 'alternative' bar I went to with C to celebrate his bday last night. But a couple of cosmic occurences happened (a woman sat down next to me and introduced herself, and we figured out 10 minutes later that she was my neighbour, for one) and there I was, with my duet partner, T, belting it out.
We sang 'Picture', his Kid Rock to my Sheryl Crow. And it was awesome!
The crowd was very supportive, especially when they found out I was a Karaoke Virgin (hee hee) and I was terrified until about 10 seconds in... Now I can't wait to do it again!
Watch out, here I come!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Loved it,,you rocked everyones world that nite!

Mwuuahhhhh LOVE YOU!!!


lisa hat gesagt…

...especially the neighbour