Mittwoch, April 20, 2005

# 3 & # 2

3. Every woman has a piece of jewelry that doesn’t have a high market value, but it’s priceless to her. What piece of jewelry is yours? Why?

I don’t really have a whole lot of jewelry, period. I bought myself some diamond stud earrings for my birthday the year I left my husband- I almost always have them in. The piece that means the most to me is a silver ring with a little green stone, which my friend Sylvia gave me. Sylvia and I met in Turkish class my second year in Germany. I had gone to a special 3D ultrasound with her one fine spring day, and it was the day we found out what sex her twins would be. To celebrate we went shopping, and I bought her a ring that was almost identical. She then surprised me by giving me her ring. I have often put it on when I feel I’m going to have a challenging day, in some way to channel her energy and strength. She is one of the most courageous women I have ever known, raising those babies so well all on her own. I feel sad that I have lost touch with her and so many other friends I made while I was living in Germany. But we’ll always have a connection in our hearts, and I have her ring to wear on tough days.

2. Describe yourself using one word for each letter of the alphabet.

A Adventurous B Brilliant C Crazy (*actual nickname*) D Desirable E Emotional F Frank G Gorgeous H HumorousI Intelligent J Jealous (sometimes) K Kinky L Loving M Motherly N Notorious O Open P Photogenic Q Quirky R Romantic S Sassy T Trouble U Unique V Voluptuous W Wonderful X X-Rated Y Young at heart Z Zealous


Alexa hat gesagt…

I have theis cheesy thumb ring. A boy I knew during college gave it to me. It was cute because the outerband could spin around the inner one.

Samantha hat gesagt…

Hi SG! Thanks for posting on my blog.
Number 3 caught my eye... My ex-husband asked me to give him back the engagement ring he gave me (we were married for 9 years and have been separated for 4) to give to his new "fiance". It's worth a fair chunk of change and besides, it's MINE. So I took the ring and had it redesigned, changed the yellow gold to white gold and I wear it with the same level of committment I did before - except this time it's a promise to me.