Montag, April 18, 2005


4. A physically unattractive man approaches you with a proposition ... I know, eye-of-the-beholder, ya-da, ya-da, ya-da ... Needless to say, you're certain he lost a fight (face-first) with his lawn tractor. He offers you $500 per day for 7 days to pose as hisgirlfriend. There’s no hanky-panky and no kissing. All you have to do is go out with him, hold his hand in front of a few people he knows, and try to make it look realistic. Would you do it? Why? Why not?

The answer to this is very simple. You should be able to tell by my second-to-last post that my world is currently being rocked by one chivalrous Prince. There would simply be NO TIME (and no desire) to pretend to be someone else’s girl. And how sad of him to have to pay someone (although that is quite a big chunk of change)… Nope, wouldn’t do it. Even if I was single.


Omni hat gesagt…

If it could be done in such a way that I could be sure that there was no risk to my safety... why not? It should get me some good karma along with the $... and my husband would be amused. :-)

theresa hat gesagt…

This was one of my favorite questions, and yet I wasn't sure how I would answer it myself. I went back and forth several times. It seems like it boils down to a sense of personal integrity. That's not to say that someone who would take the money doesn't have integrity, but rather, each of us has a line and if we cross the line, we have to live with ourselves.

I decided I'd probably need a little more information, but I might do it, only on the condition that the mondy go to charity. I've done that before when people haave insisted I be paid fore things that I would have done of my own free will.

It's cool that you chose to be true to yourself.

CatsFive hat gesagt…

The other day I was at The Yardhouse (or whatever it's called, the one next to Melrose) having a beer with my friend Collin. Just this sort of thing was happening, as a VERY attractive black girl was walking down past Melrose, hand in hand with a guy that was SO out of her league, it made one thing she was out walking her St. Bernard. In fact, it was a match SO incongruous that people weren't buying it for a second. They were hooting at both the girl and the guy, and one guy from the Melrose patio yelled, "She's fine, man, but a Porsche lasts longer!" Happens all the time. So, in a very real way, to me, as a guy, this is farther from being a hypothetical question than it first seems.

I think that if our "lawn tractor" boy wanted sex or wanted to make me uncomfortable or otherwise act like a creep towards me, I'd say no. But in terms of integrity and such, I don't think this holds a candle to some of the "jobs" I've had and some of the abjectly compromising things I've seen people do for money. God, the stories I could tell! I'd do it, though, not lightly. But frankly, I don't see it as any sort of different form of employment. And at least the lie is "out in the open" between the employer and the employee.