Mittwoch, April 20, 2005

the answer to #1 is gonna have to wait...


Here's the question, in case anyone else would like to ponder it:

1. Your Fairy Love Goddess graces you with a magical swat on the rump with the Little Red Riding Crop and you suddenly have one singularly exquisite talent.
Choose from the following:

You develop a set of pipes that elevate you to SupremeHot Chik of all Hot Diva Chiks.

You write a novel that makes James Joyce crawl from the grave to bow at your feet.

You become the greatest thing to happen to the dance world since Michael Flatley.

You create physical works of art that set all the hottest galleries in an all-outbiting-scratching-hair-pulling war over you.

You grace the stage with stirring dramatic performances that leave devoted audiences breathless with each and every flawless locution.

Which talent do you choose and why?

See y'all in May

Stay Sassy

1 Kommentar:

Omni hat gesagt…

I'd choose the art talent, so I could use it to decorate my home and make cool gifts for people. :-)