Samstag, April 16, 2005

blog it forward

I got the idea from Raspberry and Mike , two of the first bloggers I came to know in person at the very beginning (I might venture to say 'conception') of my blogging existance.

I was on a trip to Vancouver with my friend S and his friend R.
The former I met on my first journey into the whole *gasp* online dating jungle, and the former encouraged the latter to start one of his own. As he did Megan, a very talented young lady who happened to be in Rome when the Pope died the week before last. Also, the author of a online/offline column in our city's newspaper.

So (enough beating around the bush here), the idea is: present three people who you link to, and why.

Well, there's Shan, also a blogger I know 'for real', in fact we took in a photography exhibition a few weeks ago together.

And ValancyJane, who inspires me on a daily basis with her quirky outlook on life.

Theresa and Lu just plain kick ass. As I was going over there to snag the URL, I noticed that I have been posed some most interesting interview questions. I have homework to do this weekend, kiddies!

Hmmm that's three already. But there are so many more!

Miss Fee , I believe it's the furthest away, geologically. Aberdeen's resident lesbo lovin' Britney crushin gal pal. She's a riot.

As is Green Fairy , on the other side of the pond. Pretty sure she's straight. ;)

Melodee is an amazing Pastors wife with 4 kids. And this woman has me laughing my ass off, out loud, all the time.

Whew! Well, now you know some of my regulars. I think that's quite enough for now, should keep you busy for awhile. Feel free to share yours.


theresa hat gesagt…

This post is a cool idea. I may have to copy-cat your hot-sassy-chikness.

Thanks for the props.

SG hat gesagt…

No worries- that's exactly what it's intended for. Meow!

Mel hat gesagt…

Hey, thanks for the mention.