Dienstag, April 05, 2005

Hothouse at Sass's

Thanks to all of you who attended my party, virtually and in person.
A big shout out to the djs (you guys rock my world!)
I’d say it was a success- about 70 people passed through my door over the course of the day and night.
10 bottles of wine and various spirits were left behind.
14 empty cases of beer await a trip to the recycling depot.
The broom had to be screwed back together from limboing before we could sweep the floor.
I’m a tired but a happy camper.
And my house has been warmed.


Omni hat gesagt…

Hi!! I saw you on a list of links to my blog, and I liked your URL so much I had to come see you... and I think your blog is FAB!! I've put in a link to YOU, and will use it to start visiting you. :-)

SG hat gesagt…

That's great! Since I couldn't leave a comment and there's no email for you I couldn't invite you to the virtual housewarming.
Glad you stopped by!

theresa hat gesagt…

It sounds like the best House Warming party of the year. Sorry I missed it. I definitely know who the sassiest party planning go-to girl is the next time I need help organizing a shin-dig.

Why the hell don't I have you linked yet? I love all your sass!
I'm on it Hot Chik!