Sonntag, April 17, 2005

Interview Question #5

I'm gonna do it backwards, 'cause that's the way I read newspapers & magazines too. And cause it's my blog and I can do whatever the hell I want. Heh.

5. You’ve won your fantasy vacation (all expenses paid), but you only have 15 minutes to pack and call a friend to water the plants and feed the cat while you’re gone. What are the absolute necessities that MUST go with you? You only have time to pack 20 items before the limo comes to take you to the airport,
HURRY!!! ……………… (btw, where are you going? And, do they have lots of hotties there?)

20 things I'd take with me on vacation if I only had 15 minutes to pack
1. clothes
2. underclothes
3. shoes
4. toiletries
a) cosmetics
b) shower stuff
c) sunblock
d) everything else
5. camera & film
6. music
7. player for said music
8. reading materials
9. address book
10. dear diary
11. writing/drawing utensils
12. hat
13. If there's room, rollerblades
14. money, passport
15. condoms
16. jacket
17. keys
18. sunglasses
19. vitamins
20. trusty water bottle
... and I'm out the door!!

I have gotten awfully good at packing over the years. I used to have nightmares before trips that I had overslept, forgotten to pack, and was in a mad dash out the door, stuffing my suitcase as I went. Now I have what I need in my head and *try* to be a little more organized about things. Hey, this list will come in handy as I madly pack my bag Wednesday night... (hee hee).
I'm going to the Island with 23 other girls to take a surfing lesson, visit my girl, and RELAX.

Oh, and where would I be going on this fantasy vacation? To Greece, to explore the islands and feed my very own personal hottie peeled grapes in my toga.


theresa hat gesagt…

Excellent list. You're really good.

I have to admit, I'm going to use your list for my own personal needs. We leave for Las Vegas Thursday and based on my history, I'll either end up packing half of the house, or practically nothing. With you as a guide, I may have hope.

SG hat gesagt…

Of course! Use it, baby, use it!
I wrote the list in about 2 minutes flat. Yes, it will definitely come in handy for future trips. I was thinking of writing a second 'naughty' version...