Sonntag, November 20, 2005

easy like sunday evening

I feel as satified as a fat tabby cat, basking in the sunny spot on the window seat. It has been a productive as well as lazy weekend, if that's even possible, and I'm practically purring with contentment. Sushi, saki and movies with my sister on the couch has been the order of this late afternoon. This is after I finally roused myself from my deep autumn sleep at 2 pm, had a nice long shower/bath (was feeling a tad indecisive) and made myself a breakfast of champions.

Been working on this whole receiving thing, and so far it's paying off extremely well in my favour. A fridge full of leftovers from Friday's function, a richly renegotiated rental contract for my company's Holiday Fete next week, and a rendezvous with not one, not two but three gentlemen last night can attest to my progress. Is there such a thing as taking this excersise too far? I think not, says she , with a big ass Cheshire grin.

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