Samstag, November 12, 2005

The purge is complete

Hard to believe, but my hands have touched every single piece of my paper trail that has accumulated over the past 31 years, all in the past 31 hours. From birth to divorce certificate, it's all there, and then some. The bank statements, bills of sale, fill-in-the-blank insurance policies, in german and in english were really beginning to weigh me down. All of those written testaments that for some reason or another are necessary to *keep, hold on to, don't throw away, whatever you do!* sure do pile up over time. This weekend it was finally time for the mission to organize said pieces of paper, once and for all. And I had the extra motivation of a cute little black next to new filing cabinet to store my files in once I was sucessful in my mission. Thanks, neigbourlady!

I probably got rid of the same amount of papierkramm that I ended up keeping, which is a pretty good result, if you ask me. Just about the same amount of clothes were shed from my closet just one week ago. I'm enjoying this pairing down of belongings, as packing light is a definite advantage for this period of change I feel I'm about to encounter.

Whether my new adventures are going to take me to the other side of the world or into the deep recesses of my brain is yet to be determined. In either case, I'm making room! Da bin Ich gespannt...

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