Montag, November 07, 2005

pic of the day

So my friend Moe finally sent me copies today of her roll of film from our holiday out to Kelowna & Whistler in August. We both had a disposable camera, and kind of got mixed up over the span of the weekend as to whose was whose (and did it really matter, anyway?). Well, I loved this one so much I had to share it. This was hour 2 of the breakdown... unbeknownst to me my fuel pump needed replacing, and this is the spot on the highway where Jules decided to give up the Geist. No cell phone reception round this bend, so we preceeded to set out the blanket with a nice little picnic and have ourselves a grand old time till the towtruck arrived. What I like best is the smile on my face- happy as a clam. Hey, I'm on VayKayShun here, lovin' it!

Life's a journey, not a destination.

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