Donnerstag, November 24, 2005

HNT Die Augen haben es

Deine augen
liebe ich
dort faengt
dein laechel an
und hoert nie auf


Furzl hat gesagt…

Augen, die lächeln, sind eine gute Sache

Glücklich HNT

Osbasso hat gesagt…

Sorry--I'll stick with the English... Loved seeing that you've partaken in a Grizzly tailgate party. They certainly are special! Email me the translation to this, and tell me all about why you got to see the Griz!

Anonym hat gesagt…

very nice eyes! happy hnt

HS hat gesagt… have beautiful eyes!

SG hat gesagt…

Not MY eyes, they belong to my far away love. Yes, they are beautiful, thanks. *Sigh*

Wenchy hat gesagt…


addict hat gesagt…

My Mother would call those "laughing eyes"
The smile is soooo big it shows in their eyes!

SG hat gesagt…

Funny you should say that; the poem translated:

I love your eyes
they're where your smile begins
and never ends

Scott & Julia hat gesagt…

I love the poem!! I had to read your translation :) And that's awesome shot! Happy HNT fellow Canuck!

Angalee hat gesagt…

The eyes are by far the sexiest part of the body, or is it the mind?
Happy HNT!

Tish hat gesagt…

Those are some nice, smiling eyes! I hope your HNT was great!