Samstag, April 15, 2006

buzzee bee honey

R-dawg's nuzzling my knee and my familiar playlist is a playin' as I settle in on my first day back with my largest adopted-for-awhile animal family. There's four of the lovelies, and it's really a lot like human sibling rivalry going on here. Quite amusing to be an observer of. I'm here for three weeks, so it's also the longest of my assignments to date. I'm on the second of four consecutive stays, which makes the next night I get to sleep in my own bed oh sometime late May.

I enjoy my gypsy state of being, I embrace the feeling of being much like a turtle, schlepping all of my most needed belongings from place to place. Most of all, I love the above ground dwelling that takes place, there's something so soothing about watching the animals soaking up a sunbath.

Feeling especially productively smug and content as not only have I had two (three, counting the one I'm going to take as soon as I finish this) walks with various pooches, I've had a workout at the K-MCA, made two trips to the airport, completed one move of said belongings, and filed my tax return... AND I'm gettin' some back.

There's only one way to celebrate- salsa dancing with Goddesses!


Omni hat gesagt…

I hope the Easter Bunny brought you lots of goodies!! :-)



SG hat gesagt…

Unfortunately, that rascly (sp?) wabbit was a no-show.

All the more reason for me to treat myself, by my reasoning. Off to the bubble bath I go.

Happy Easter Egg to you :)