Donnerstag, April 06, 2006


I was having a look back in the ol' archives today when I came across the 31 things about me post I wrote around my birthday time last year.

It seems I start to round up about this time of year, telling people I'm '.. next month'... maybe as a way of readying myself for the actual event. I sure don't feel 32, in fact I think I still agree with the staying 28 for a couple more theory. But it's only as old as you feel, isn't it?

Anyway. It'll be time to add another one to that list pretty soon. However, a couple of them need a little adjusting. I put #4 into practice, by riding on not one, not two but four ferries during my trip to the Island last summer. Ok, so what if for the first one I had to have a pre-boarding safety meeting and had Dawn drive!

Still haven't been to Vegas.

#7. Oh, oh, oh, but I can add another notch to this one (exactly a-la-S-R-grade-7-style). Love sure is blind to apropriateness. And distance (Hallo Meine Suesser Oesterreicher).

#8. I was doing both simultaneously last night until 11:30. AND making three dozen popcorn balls to bring to class (my creative solution for it being my turn for snacks).

Lots of changes, and shifts in the past while... I'll have to think about that 32nd thing. Or maybe start a whole new list. I do have about 6 weeks left of being 31 and fancy-free.

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