Sonntag, April 30, 2006

Love is a bowling ball

Sitting at the end of my peanut butter and jam packed weekend, wishing there was some way of injecting just a few more hours into it... not believing that it's over already.

Time has indeed been flying lately, there has also been a very intense time of change and growth. My April showers are going to bring a LOT of May flowers! It's all happening so quickly that it's hard to keep track of some days...

It's all swirling around me in a flurry of cats, dogs, more cats, dog, dog (it's a damn good thing I talked myself out of that allergy now, isn't it?)

What would I have done with those precious extra hours, you ask?

Slept in, watched *that* cowboy movie that Uhu lent me, practiced yoga at least once and completed my latest translation project . A little much for the remaining 24 minutes of this weekend.

Instead, I was busy BEING, knocking things off my (purely mental, as I forgot my daytimer at the office on Friday) 'to be' list like bowling pins, all the while remembering the thought from Thursday's class and message from today, that I embody the spirit of love, which is all there is. I'm a big ol' bowling ball, y'all, watch out!

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