Sonntag, April 02, 2006


Day 7 of the cleanse and I feel fantastic. Could also be the added bonus of fresh mountain air & catching up with old friends. I've been meaning to come up this way for awhile, and am so glad I finally was able to make the trip. Ended up at the hostel in LL the first night- it got too dark to take in any scenery so I decided to wait till it was light again to fully experience the trip up the valley. Turned out to be a good decision, as I picked up a couple of sweet English hitchhikers yesterday morning and we enjoyed the scenery (and mixed cds I had playing) together.

Going for a hike, possibly a ski, doing some long overdue homework and preparing a meal for my comorades from the cooler full of goodies I lugged with me from the city are on the game plan for the next day and a half. Then the beautiful drive back through these gentle giants to reality.

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