Montag, April 10, 2006

Things I learned this weekend

It is invaluable to have good friends around in case a blind date goes bad (so bad ~cringe~)

A chocolate fudge brownie is the best thing in the entire world after a 12 day cleanse

There can be 1000001 reasons why someone stands you up and not ONE of them has to do with you

From my current house sit, I can go from Bed to Yoga class in less than 10 minutes

You can hear a lot of birds and not much traffic at 6:20 am on a Sunday while walking the dawgies

Salmon ginger stir fry tastes best when it is shared with a good friend in her brand new abode


brea hat gesagt…

Write about your bad date! Misery loves company! :)

SG hat gesagt…

Oh man, where should I start? The annoying nervous laugh that NEVER stopped? The boasting/complaining about working 18 hour days? Or the gory insider details of his divorce-in-progress? Yeah, it wasn't pretty.