Freitag, August 04, 2006


Horoscope for today:

“This continues to be a time of transition with jobs and residences as you swing through changes and fluctuating events. Since you like variety, there’s kind of a certain appeal to this kind of flexibility; and a curious allure about where it will all end up.”

How completely accurate. Not only has my role recently changed at work, but I was interviewed for the international department as well (which would involve stints out of our Berlin office). My other job IS changing residences on a regular basis as a house sitter. I DO enjoy change, and embrace the chaos that is my life. Where it will end up? Well, I believe very deeply in the power of manifestation, as discussed at the mini Goddess gathering yesterday evening. So I decided that my next house sit will have a trampoline AND a hot tub, and my stay in Germany will involve a couple of trips to trade shows in Spain and other exciting European locales. And so it is.

Happy Weekend!

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