Freitag, August 18, 2006

High on Heels...wobble wobble

The Goddesses will gather again tonight… I’m so very excited, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. You see, this isn’t just *any* gathering. Tonight, we are taking a class, involving a pole. I met with the sweet blonde petite woman who is to be our teacher a couple of weeks ago for lunch.

I’m also giddy to be able to wear my new shoes, which I purchased during my lunch hour today with my sweetie. He was so very patient with me on the first part of my quest last night at the mall- only one muttering of “we sure do shop differently” was heard but for the rest he was a trooper. I confirmed this shopping gender difference with my mom today, as we woman have to circle around, compare prices and styles, think about the possibilities with different outfits and HUNT that bargain! And a bargain was found (I had no doubt I would be victorious)… in the form of 3 inch ‘champagne’ colored strappy heels, absolutely perfect for the dress I’m wearing to a wedding tomorrow AND within my price range.

Now, actually being able to *walk* in them is a different story…

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