Mittwoch, August 30, 2006

I got tagged

by Razz... Here you go, girl:

1. I met my boyfriend while I was on a blind date with another guy

2. I love first days of the month and go around changing everyone's calendars for them

3. I also love cleaning hardwood floors (but hate vaccuming)

4. I gave up eating red meat 18 years ago and for a couple of months was completely vegan

5. The foods I crave most are spinach, artichoke hearts, dried mango and of course (dark) chocolate

6. My last name means 'Source' in Turkish. My ex didn't want me to keep it so I did

7. I actually thought the world might end on New Years 1999

8. I've never been more in debt, or happier than right now

Shan, K, Brea, T, Gypsy and Laurie, you're IT!


brea hat gesagt…

I'm up! Thanks for the tag!

k hat gesagt…

Ok - you'll see it tomorrow :)