Mittwoch, August 30, 2006

to Sass or not to Sass

During my 10-15 minute daily morning bike commute this morning, I reflected on how I haven't really done anything very Sassy lately.

Crossing at the corner where a bum asked me for change yesterday (I *almost* gave him my banana), past the church where they were watering the sidewalk again, gingerly through the broken glass of the bus shelter and across the bridge I was completely lost in my thoughts of un-sassiness. You can't really count getting drunk at my friends wedding this weekend and deciding to 'make peace with my past' with her brother, whom I used to date. I guess drunk me wanted an explanation as to why after spending a week together on a group holiday back in January there was not even so much as a goodbye at the airport. Not too sure I received an answer- all I can really remember of the conversation is "hey" pause "hey". Ah well, bygones to rude boyz. Who needs em?

Certainly not I, with the red Gerber daisy I *rescued* from the bunch in the office kitchen smiling back at me from my one-stem vase. What? It was all drooping and squished in that crowded one... Sass strikes again? Yeah baby.

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