Donnerstag, August 24, 2006

HNT - Tanlines

I was so excited to get a halter top bra, as this opened up my wardrobe possibilities by leaps and bounds... However, I didn't think about the tan lines that would then be exposed by having a bare back... Oh well! Lovely wedding, lovely bride. Love is all around it seems! (See original pic on my Flickr --->)


Emily hat gesagt…

Darn tan lines.. HHNT!

Mommyof3 hat gesagt…

I think they are lovely.....wear them proudly! HHNT!

AndyT13 hat gesagt…

Love all around indeed! HHNT!

betchacantguesswho hat gesagt…

Andy stole my comment!! lol

Happy HNT!

Richard Ness hat gesagt…

love the white spaces


k hat gesagt…

LOVE the tanlines!
I tend to turn a nice shade of pasty in the winter, so I show mine off proudly :)
(formally AssK :) )